Zuregol of the Blue Dragonflight
Age Unspecified
Gender Male
Species Blue Dragon
Homeworld Azeroth
Affiliation Blue Dragonflight

Zuregol is a blue dragon who was stationed near Azuremyst Isle immediately following the crash of the Exodar. Not knowing what sort of powers these new beings would hold, he saw fit to keep an eye on them to make sure they didn't do anything terribly dangerous - primarily massively excessive use of arcane magic. He can occasionally be seen within the Exodar itself acting as a typical citizen of the Alliance. His guise is that of a High Elf, going under the name of Zureg Chillstep. When a dragonwatcher arrived on his little slice of the world to keep an eye upon him, it was discovered that Zuregol was not alone in the cavern: a small contingent of eggs and whelps could be seen, as well as another mature dragon.

Personality Edit

Zuregol has only recently reached adulthood, and as such he is still somewhat reckless in his decisions. He has no problem with eradicating the Draenei from the region if they use more magic then he deems necessary, and it is unknown if he has heard about Malygos' war, subsequent demise, and the rise of Kalecgos as the new blue aspect; as such, his fellow flightmates are uncertain what side he would choose - that of the remaining azure warmongers or that alongside the "redeemed" blue dragons.