Zolacian Portrait
Creator Somarinoa
Homeworld Hydroth
Average Height 7—8'
Diet Filter-feeder
Sapience Level Sapient

The Zolacians (pronounced /zoʊ.ˈleɪˌ.ʃiː.ɛn/) are a species of tall, lanky marine filterers who once ruled the planet of Zolacia, now known as the planet Hydroth. They once were once a xenophobic race who subjugated their planet's other sapient races out of fear. Over millennia they became peaceful, but too late — now they have become slaves themselves.


Zolacian Small Image

A Zolacian

The Zolacian are a race of invertebrates, who have evolved their four limbs for crawling, in compliance with their benthic lifestyle on the continental slopes. This is often regarded as quadrupedalism by other sapient races, although the limbs are built to mainly pull the main body along, like an echinoderm. They are heavily muscled limbs, and in lower gravities, they may hold the Zolacian up in either a truly quadrupedal or even a bipedal stance.

Their eyes are attached to the sides of their bulb-like head, and they are therefore mostly incapable of stereoscopic vision. This never evolved in them because they were never predators, and side-facing eyes were good enough for them to begin to properly escape their predators, of which there were many.

The head is attached to a long, strong neck, which takes up much of their total body length. In larvae, their bodies are spiraled around itself, and therefore their length does not create much height. Because of this, much of its length may in fact not count towards their overall height. Their limbs are long in order to help them cross areas easier, and are all of equal length if not tampered with.

They also possess limited regenerative abilities, and may recover their limbs or even portions of their head over a matter of months. However, important organs such as the digestive tract or the cerebral ganglia cannot be regenerated and damage to these may lead to debilitating or fatal results.