Volpes, the land of the Fox, is a very happy place. an orange planet made out of full fur, its adorable.


in the early 14,997,202 bc, the foxes were born from a fallen asteroid. The perfect mix of cat and dog was made. As they years grew on, the foxes grew too. not just in age but in skills too. soon they were able to pounce on objects moving hundreds of miles per hour and be stealthier than robin hood. By 7,204 bc they were almost fully grown. but 7,204 bc was a horrible year for the foxes. That year fox jesus was born. Everyone loved him, he was the cutest fox in "fox jerusalem" at the time. The only problem was, a human got to Volpes. He had stolen fox jesus and brought him to America. There have been foxes on earth ever scince. The foxes sorrow was everlasting. By 1,223 AD the foxes had grown to the size of humans, stood on two legs and were fiercer than ever. They continue to strengthen, waiting for the right moment to strike at earth and get fox jesus back. They have mind controlled a few members of the human race so far, being the NERO (newly enraged rappid overgrowth) army. They have showed up in many places including bands such as nero. neros songs consist of warings of the year 2808, the 15,000,000th aniversery of the foxes, being Doomsday. The foxes are getting prepared. They are stronger than you, they are faster than you, they are sneakier than you, they are cuter than you. The foxes are not just prepared, the foxes are Ready. ready for full on war. but always remember. They are not fighting because they are mean. They are fighting to get what is theres back. If you are just nice and not hunt the foxes they will let you live in peace. They only fight when threatened, wich they are very at this moment.