Viridis lane

Viridis Lane AKA the viny planet


This planet has little water pools due to the increasing number of plants. The way it works on this planet is that there are SO many plants, they suck the water dry. But, the plants gain water because throughout the day and night there are storms. Not big storms, but they last long enough that plants get enough water. the first layer of the planet is the canopy, then the garland, then the roots. Under the roots, are more roots, so many roots, that 100 miles down is where the ground is. That layer is called the solum. about 20 miles under the solum is the core of the planet, providing heat to the planet. There are over 10,000 plants known to man on this planet, and billions more to discover!


  • Its sun is Abyssus
  • This planet has low gravity, so plants that die fly off into the sun
  • There is only one microscopic lifeform on this planet thats not a plant called a Scareeb.
  • it has clear clouds, but when you look at the planet's day-time-side you can see the clouds from the sun reflecting off the plants