This is a list of the known creatures that live in the deep underwater seas of the planet Matritekka.


CRE Voidfish-102a01a9 ful
The Voidfish is a species which was discovered by the Matrinns during their industrial age, during which time they invented many submersible vehicles with which to explore the deep seas of Matritekka.

Its feeding habits are currently unknown, but it is suspected that it eats smaller organisms, such as Kyres and Blockfish. It has sometimes been observed killing and eating smaller members of its own species.


CRE Hinekka-102a0681 ful
The Hinekka is the "monster predator" of the underwater seas of Matritekka, with a length of fifty feet and a weight of fifty-seven tons. Although large and deadly, they are somewhat uncommon, and seeing one is a once in a lifetime opportunity.

The Hinekka feeds on literally anything that it can swallow, and it has been known to devour entire submersible vehicles. On the rare occasion that two fully-grown Hinekkas are near each other, they will immediately engage in a fight to the death, often ending with both of them dead in the end.

On their bodies grow large barnacle-like objects, which don't seem to cause any harm to the creature.

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