Creator Somarinoa
Homeworld Tozera
Average Height At least 12 ft tall, but varies dependent on water levels
Diet Phototrophic Autotroph
Sapience Level Non-Sapient

Ukalarils (/uːkɑːlɑːrɪl/) are floral organisms inhabiting Scumire, a massive wetland biome that entails a large portion of the surface of Tozera, the moon of Tozect. They are most notable for their natural ability to rotate like a manual hand drill, which occurs to prevent organisms from staying on their leaves for too long (usually to avoid their own predators or to operate as ambush predators) and thereby significantly hindering their ability to produce enough energy to survive, as they only evolved one set of leaves. These leaves however are quite heavy duty in nature, and even species as large as a human can use them as makeshift platforms, though if they expect to progress through Scumire like that they would have to time their leaps between the Ukalaril plants to successfully make it across any significant expanse.

Outside of their tossing hitchhikers back into the dangerous waters around them, the only threat an Ukalaril poses is the thorns along their underside, which can injury a creature foolish enough to move into them. Again, these are simply another defensive measure and they are far from malicious organisms.

It is believed that their complex root networks are a major aid in the existence of the Undermire, a biome of muddy, labyrinthine caverns beneath the surface of Scumire. This is done because their root latticework holds much of the mud in place in areas where they are frequent.

When the Necrusk were released during Adus Lesk's arrival on-world, the Ukalaril of Scumire were infested, making them a slightly larger threat as Scumire had become severely toxic to natural life.

Plenty of Space for MonstersEdit

The Ukalarils, as well as their Necrusk-infected offshoot, would eventually be pulled through spacetime back to 21st century Earth, where they would come to inhabit numerous swamps in the newly-formed alternate timeline. Due to the massive levels of magic now inundating the planet, the Ukalaril gave way to the Ukalonk, a particularly awkward looking species of plantfolk. These floral beings, despite their weird appearance, would turn out to be aggressive by nature, and the Necrusk infection soon took hold in them as well, producing the Infested Ukalonks.