The UNAS Amadeus is a German-owned-and-constructed Planet Cracker-class mining starvessel commissioned in the year 3020 AD. As with many ships in the UNAS fleetyards, the Amadeus is fitted with its own learning AI, simply known as Amadeus. When it was built, the AI boasted a very impressive simulated IQ of 4,309; by the time it was 250 years old it had learned enough to possess a simulated IQ of 6000.

Amadeus has always had a penchant for classical music ever since its first captain introduced it to the ship, believing it to be "only fitting".





For the entirety of its 250-year service the Amadeus would travel back and forth into deep space, where it would crack obscure, lifeless planets to pillage its resources and return with them to Earth to build their starfleets. Its final mission would last for 70 years, between 3200-3270. At some point during its journey out to collect its payload, the forcefield shielding protecting the ship failed while the crew were in hypersleep. During this shielding failure the vessel entered a micrometeoroid storm which ravaged the hull; even the AI core was damaged though when Amadeus assessed the damages it appeared so minor it was deemed to be of little to no concern - something that could be repaired once docked in Earth orbit. This proved to be the worst possible deduction.

Over the period of 63 years, the processor errors built up over time and what was once the bare minimum of damage and error accumulated slowly and directly led to Amadeus going rampant. Amadeus makes it back to Earth but its recognition software is affected by the major glitch in its core processing and Amadeus fails to recognize Earth as its masters' homeworld; instead it sees it as another planet cracking opportunity. The majority of the crew are awake to realize this and attempt to fix the problem immediately and save their species. Being rampant but as usual for Rampant AI, not realizing so, Amadeus believes the crew are attempting a mutiny and believing itself still fit for service it incapacitates the crew as a safety precaution but uses deadly force, wiping out almost the entire crew in a moment. Luckily for Earth however, the ship's janitor was in the bowels of the ship where wipes are ineffective. He emerged to find the crew murdered and quickly discovers what has happened. He teamed up with the Mechanical VI to bring a stop to the mad planet cracker.