Tromin System
Creator Somarinoa
Galaxy Kyklos Galaxy
Star Type(s) Yellow Star
Planet Count 4 (Angion, Solleston, Ramas, Audron)
Moon Count 1 named (Haermi)
Sapient Inhabitants Zavvaku (indigenous)
Affiliation(s) Zavvaku Empire

Tromin is the local main sequence star of the Tromin System. It is orbited by four planets: Angion, Solleston, Ramas, and Audron; the planet Angion also is orbited by a single moon, Haermi. The first two worlds in the system harbor life, although the second of which only has flora and has never evolved fauna of any sort, making it very primitive. It is the home star of the Zavvaku, a race of interstellar merchants.

The Tromin SystemEdit

The Tromin Planetary System is a planetary system within an unspecified stellar system located in the outer arms of the Kyklos Galaxy. It is the home system of the mercantile Zavvaku species, a member of both their own empire and the Great Trade Organization. Records of the system beyond the knowledge of the Zavvaku themselves indicates that it consists of 1 star, and at least 3 terrestrial planets - 1 with a moon - and a gas giant.

List of known celestial bodiesEdit

  1. Tromin, local main sequence star
  2. Angion, lush world and homeworld to the Zavvaku
    1. Haermi, rocky world and moon of Angion
  3. Solleston, colony world
  4. Ramas, gas giant
  5. Audron, rocky world