The so far the only known words of the language of trollnans

  • Zinged:bumped or the reviving of something
  • Huzzaray:a fusion of huzzah a hooray!
  • Seeker:a cyborg lesser demon known for being incredibly hard to fight.
  • BFG: Big Freaking Gun from doom it is an epic weapon capable of destroying practically anything rumoured to have been made by chuck norris!
  • Epic sauce:Epic and awesome sauce put together!
  • Phantom:a large flying machine with the appearance of the grim reaper!
  • Congradgendulates: not sure but it means congratulations!
  • Shallow thought: a computer of worship known for it's amazing Fps rate!
  • Agramagratagratheia:The home planet of the trollnan looks like a planet inside a planet inside a planet!
  • Nanllort:The violent cousins of the Trollnan