THis is actually a dodo bird fossil lol

The Volatilis Preda (Winged Prey) has been known to have lived since the beginning of life, but it is still unknown as to how, because it seems to always be the Prey of all known Predators.

Its wings are almost useless, only serving as a decoration, which may be used to mate, but there is no evidence for it mating, which is baffling, considering that for it to have survived for so long, it must have some way to breed at an abnormal rate. they may be asexual.

Some scientists reckon that it can self-impregnate, which makes sense, as there has never been any fossils of a male version of this species.

They have only been sighted a small amount of times, but they have always been in scattered areas around the Globe, as if it lives in all of the seven continents.

How this creature works, shall always be a mystery.