VOid orbs

There were once 3 astronauts and a robot. One of the astronauts was actually god, but 3 days after he came to the ship disgused as a human, he got amnesia. The other two were ninjas in training. The robot was made at a place called apature labs. When they were all heading home in their new space ship for an oxogine refil, an astroid hit the ship sending them flying in a diffrent direction! One of the ninja astronauts was called Kai, he was the captain of the space ship and the driver. Kai intensly tried to bring the ship back, but the boosters were damaged and their was a dent in the landing gear. When the ship stopped going at a speed that seemed to go on for a million miles per hour, they entered a strange galexy that the map couldnt identify they wondered, Should we explore a planet to search for life or try to find our space ship before we run out of air.