A Skika is a creature that has the looks of a bear, is the size of a big hamster, and has has the shape of a rabbit. They always have white fur around their eyes.They feed on small fish, rats, and cookies, but live around the Pacific Ocean and live in the water half their life. They live for 30 years at most.Skika would never walk around without the mini M40A3 they were born with. They love to quickscope their food while also playing with their close neighbors, the Pacific Sea Turtle.

Rare Skikas are born with a Castle Crashers mask pattern on their face. Their predators include sea hawks, eagles, and reindeer with red noses. Their fur also acts as a holster for their mini M40A3s. They have the speed of Sonic the Hedgehog when they run but walk as fast as a bunny that is running. The skika was discovered by Paragon Ninja