Sekata MS Sprite

As it appears in Monster Space, Dangerous Wilds, and Long Story.

Sekata is a Kombatant of mysterious origin. Presumed to be a Lin Kuei Cyber Ninja by most individuals, it is in actuality a Swarmian, an extremely rare to see, large armored humanoid insect indigenous to the lost HiveЯealm. Asexual in gender, it can lay eggs into opponents to propagate its species through its ovipositor, and also can harness both electricity and sound.

Sekata's reasons for joining the Mortal Kombat tournament under Ulthrax's rule, and the fact that the creature cannot formulate Human speech prevents it from telling anyone its motivations anyway. What is known as that it seems to harbor an intense hatred for the entire Zaterran lineage, and seems to go out of its way to put them to death.


The moves Sekata will perform in battle depend upon whether they are lightning-charged (referred to as "Stormcalled") or whether they are in their imago (Round 1 default) or instar (Round 2 default) state. Each form has at a way to switch to another form, although leaving larval state is permanent for that round.

Imago abilitiesEdit

  • Costal Accosting: Sekata quickly ducks down and spins, spreading its wings for some short-ranged strikes. After three such strikes Sekata stands up and cuts upwards with one of its wings in an uppercut-like slice.
  • Deafening Drone:
  • Haltere Halter:
  • Ovipunisher:
  • Stormcall: Sekata buzzes its wings and within seconds it is struck with a bolt of lightning straight from the sky. This causes massive electrical energy to course over its body. This converts it to the "Stormcalled" form.

Instar abilitiesEdit

At the beginning of all subsequent rounds after Round 1, Sekata will perish and crumble to dust while a new larval instar version will burrow out of the ground to take its place.

  • Burrow:
  • :
  • :
  • :
  • Pupate: The instar Sekata enters its cocooned state. Although it is vulnerable in this state, it has very high armor and attacks do quite little damage to its pupal shell. Instead the player must rapidly tap a button to progress the bar until it fills, causing the pupa to shatter and the full-grown Imago form to emerge.

Stormcalled abilitiesEdit

  • :
  • :
  • :
  • :
  • Discharge:


  • Death Scream
  • Ravenous Progeny
  • Zaterran Hate


  • Unlike other Kombatants seen in Mortal Kombat ♃, Sekata's Hatelity can be performed on more than one specific individual character; Sekata can perform it against any Zaterran.