Pyronites (the prefix "pyro-" relating to heat/fire) are an extraterrestrial species of magma-based lifeforms from the planet-like star Pyros. Due to the fact that their homeworld is a star, Pyronites have had limited contact with other alien species. With little outside contact, the Pyronites have been able to spend their lives perfecting their natural fire and heat based abilities. They have become masters of fire, able to generate flames from their bodies in many forms. The flames can then be projected as weapons or used to provide flight. Pyronites can channel flames through other surfaces (such as large rocks) to generate lift, allowing them to 'surf' through the air. Pryonites are not limited to simple creating fire; because their bodies are naturally heat convective, they are able to absorb heat, effectively allowing them to put out fires. Because of their heat and fire based nature, Pyronites do not react well to water, extreme cold or fire retardants. Exposure to these substances can caused mixed results; they might cause temporary extinguishing of flames or prevent a Pyronite from using the full extent of their abilities. Large exposure to these substances could potentially prove fatal.