The light side of the planet

Plannetademannus translates to The planet of the ponies. Indeed, all of the inhabitants are equestrians of the equestrian variety. Called ponestrians, these lovable creatures are fun loving organic beings are always looking for friends. On the other hand, the less welcoming other race, the antiestrians, are hate filled ponies, plotting the downfall of thier colorful and joyous fellow creatures. one half of the planet is full of life, while the other half is void of it. There is an ever-lasting war between the two races, and it has gone on for thousands of years. ponestrians guard their children carefully, for the antiestrians have been known to come into towns in the dead of night to snatch the colts and fillies from thier sleep, and force them to work in lacryma crystal mines. Lacryma crystals are fuel for amorphus antiestrians, called the Peglacorns. These hideous beings are a pegasus and a unicorn mixed together. Princess Celestia is a example of a pegicorn. Princess Celestia was killed mercelissly in the battle for latvian creek. The Ponestrians won and took captive her sister, princess luna, who worked for the Ponestrians in order to gain her freedom. The war looks promising for the Ponestrians, and in the near future, they might be able to obtain peace!