Creator Somarinoa
Region of Space Unspecified
Planetary System Borvan System
Number of Known Planets/Moons 1 / 0

Phoeb-2 is the local blue giant star of the Phoeb System. It is orbited by a single planet—Ergan. Because of Phoeb-2's close proximity to the Tromin system and the fact that Ergan produces blue spice, it has been eyed by the Zavvaku Empire as a potential future site for a colony.

While astronomists state that there was once a Phoeb-1 that was in close correlation to this star, it has, in more modern times, ceased to shine. It has been proposed that the second star may have converted into a black dwarf. However, very little scientific study has gone into locating the wayward star to determine if this theory is correct or not.

The Phoeb SystemEdit

Formally known as the Phoeb System, the lack of evidence for Phoeb-1 in recent years has led to some more annoying scientists to attempt to rename the system the "Phoeb-2 system". However, most of these individuals' colleagues think that they are, in fact, idiots.

List of known celestial bodiesEdit

  1. Phoeb-1 (extinct, possible black dwarf)
  2. Phoeb-2, local blue giant star
  3. Ergan, rocky world


  • Its name—"Phoeb-2"—indicates that there is a Phoeb-1. However, a Phoeb-1 has not been spotted.