Petostrophe Granuleia

before the revolution


A primitive painting by a pet rock "witness" of the Legendary All Seeing Eye Petostrophe.

This finding was discovered by Sr.Brand Often known as a "Pet Rock", it's name from the slave days before the race has revolted, is a living rocklike organism that vows it's revenge on the human species. Once it has revolted it fled to the planet of Jeskian to regroup, grow in size as a species, strengthen their military, all in hopes of one day soon annihilating the Homo Sapien race as a part. One tenth will be put to slave work for the Petostrophe species, so that the species dies out as a whole slowly. The smallest size recorded for the species is the size of a cm round pebble, and the biggest is the size of a boulder. It is rumored that one is a pyramid in Egypt that has a lone eye at it's cap and has been worshiped for centuries by the freemasons and illuminati of the humans. It is ironically rumored to be the one that delivers the final and fatal blow to the humans. The reasoning that it has not been seen on the planet of Jeskian is because of it's sheer size. If the legends are true than it is the largest Petostrophe species recorded.