Teh planet

Nuilnamias, the home of many creatures, is a planet that is very old and has another planet that is similar to Earth called Kuirfnak embedded into it. This happened over 6 and a half million years ago when Kuirfnak and Nuilnamias collided. The soil on Nuilnamias comes in two forms, on darker than the other, is poison. Their is also large amounts of hardened burtklop on the surface of the planet. Their is alot of burtklop in gel form in the core and under-layer of the planet, but can still be found in the middle of hardened burtklop fields. Kuirfnak consists of soil and water that is not poison to humans like that of Nuilnamias. It does not have a moon but does have many visible suns around it because of its odd position in the universe. Its galaxy is unknown but it is in between LittleBigPlanet and FireX, so it could be in the void. Most creature living their are fit to live on most planets because of their exremely fast adaptation features. Also, many creatures on the planet are harmful, and the ones who arn't harmful live mostly underground or are all extinct by now.