The word Necroriggian comes from "Necro", meaning death and "frigid", meaning very cold.

Necrofriggians are a species of insectiods from planets Kylmyys and Mykdl'dy. Necrofriggians are moth-like aliens who bear a striking resemblance to the cryptid Mothman (a mythological monster from America). Necrofriggians come in blue or white. They have wings which make them look a little like a butterfly or moth. Necrofriggians can breathe ice, fly and become intangible. They can also fold their wings and antennae forming a hood and a long robe, giving them a phantom-like appearance. Necrofriggians lay eggs once every 80 years. They build a nest out of large amounts of metal, mostly iron, from which their babies will hatch, ranging from a few to many. When babies hatch they have an appetite for metal and will first eat the nest, before they instinctively fly away. Evolved Necrofiggians have red skin and wings instead of blue. Their wings and antennae have fire patterns. They can still go intangible and breathe ice. They can also create "ice flames" "fire so cold, it burns"). These work by taking heat away from something until it's frozen.