Minions are the only living things on the planet Lessened. they are a short species of humans that are the lowerclass, worthless lives that do all the work. They are forced to wear heavy large bronze suits so they wont be sucked into the void. They have a life of misery, and have to eat coal. If they get lucky, they will find some grass on a passing astroid and have a feast. But, most minions will fight to the death for a blade of grass. If even one minion sleeps and slacks on its job, the whole planet could explode, so even the babies have to work 24/7 and cant sleep. If a minion dies, its carcous will be sent into the fire pit to power the planet, but if one dies and nobody notices it will melt inside of it suit from heat. When a mnion dies, its suit is just handed down to an infant, who can barely move in the suit. Infants usually perish, so soon its planet will become a lifeless rock, and it itself will be melted down into dog hats. but then the hats will be to heavy and the compony will go out of buisness, so the hats will be junk. To make sure that minions wont give up and stop working, they get whipped with machines that they power. there are special slots in the back of the bronze suit just so the whips make it through. the blood drips down a pipe in the suit and thats what the minions drink. The reason nobody feeds these minions is that if you feed one even a single crumb, it gets so fat, it blows up the planet.