CGI Representation of Magnus Plagiarius

Magnus Plagarius is a Planet approximately 15 Billion Lightyears away from the centre of the earth, which orbits a Sun which is still yet to be named.

It holds most minerals our own Planet contains, including: Water, Grass, Stone, and even most forms of metal ores.

However, because of how far it is from the sun, and its unusual shape of orbit, it isn't able to sustain life, as it has years made up of 84 days, and its days are made up of 3 hours, and because it orbits in a long oval shape, it doesn't get enough Heat or Cold weather to be able to sustian a specific form of life.

Although, scientists long that some day, they will be able to travel to this far away Planet, to observe it, and maybe even attempt to Colonise it for the Good of humanity, but by then there may also be another Race willing to conquer its vast lands.