Lucas mon Claire

Accomplishments: Owns 1337 puppies. Invented the portable waffle iron. Became astrounaut

Famous for: Being the first man to make waffles in space.

Back story: Lucas went to the WAAC ((Waffles are awesome collage)) and studied astronomical waffolagy ((The study of waffles in space)) for seven years. He was born and raised in Canada and built the portable waffle iron after being forced to choose between having a wife or WAAC. His first dog, muffins, ironiclly chocked a cupcake at age 2, which made Lucas emotionally depressed and to fill the void, he got 1337 puppies; all pugs. To afford the puppies; Lucas went into space for some kind of going-in-space-without-a-suit expirement. The results were that making waffles in space made a small 6 meter atmosphere around the waffle iron.

Lucas made 233 Billion dollars from this discovery.