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Kouhuns are vermiform arthropods with segmented bodies, roughly thirty centimeters long, from the jungle world of Indoumodo. Small, silent, and fast, kouhuns were capable of delivering a fatal and quick-acting neurotoxin through their bite, as well as a nonfatal but nonetheless painful sting from their tails. Kouhuns were white in color, though they also existed in reddish-brown and black varieties.

Kouhuns could survive in almost any environment except extreme cold. On their homeworld, they nested in hollow trees and hunted creatures the size of dogs. Though omnivorous, kouhuns were predatory, detecting their prey by its body heat and then attacking it, often choosing between prey simply on the basis of which victim was closest. They were aggressive creatures, but could be scared away by attackers, though they turned to fight when cornered.

Living in the wild in the jungles of Indoumodo, kouhuns lived in large hollow trees, hunting creatures the size of dogs that nested in crevices within the trees. Kouhuns were attracted to warmth, and they used this sense to locate their victims,[2] often targeting simply the nearest warm-blooded creature.[3] Though possessed of a predatory nature, kouhuns were, in fact, omnivorous.[3] While aggressive, they could also be timid on occasion; light made them freeze or attempt to hide, and when attacked they fled or hid. When cornered, however, kouhuns would fight back.[2] Before they attacked, kouhuns were known to rear up and hiss.[7] They had a level of awareness almost akin to Force-sensitivity, with which they could avoid security systems.[4] Kouhuns could also use cover to their advantage to sneak up on their prey.[8] Handling them was dangerous, requiring a container to hold them; if they escaped, they would regard their handler as a threat and attack it.[3] Barely intelligent, kouhuns were classified as vermin.[3]