Kleimps (Clay Walkers) reside within a planet that are still going through a medival period of sorts. These creatures tend to feed off of a spice that can be collected through the sap of trees with a interesting genetic mutation.  This mutation uses the output, a red gas of sorts, and converts it to a dust that leaks into the sap.  The Kleimps don't only feed on this, they are parasites that resemble clay, and when they find a host they develop a solid concrete like shell that protects them from most of natures elements. In some rare cases, the huminoids of this planet who interact with them suffer the consequence of becoming the host. When a creature becomes a host, the shell of the Kleimp absorbs it, turning it into a statue. When the Kleimp is done feeding on this being, it can move the whole body, its own body acting as a skeleton to this stone shell. It now seeks more prey to convert and spread. These creatures have been known to take on a hive mind, and extremely rare cases has caused it to form a Queen. In legend there was once a town between a forest and a plain, and a mountain. These two heroes who came to town, one of metal and one of ice, lured it to the mountains and defeated it with a scaled storm they seemed to create out of thin air. The town who carries this tale resides near a large lava like terrain that they believe was once the town of myth before the mountains collapsed down from the weight of the colossus queen. These creatures are primarily noctornal, when day comes they need to use their recently collected energy (AKA Host flesh) and convert it into energy), causing the stone statues of the once living to cease movement.