Khepri is a planet, also known as the sloth planet but nobody knows why because there are no sloths. With lush rainforests and an abundance of water It is full of many wonders. Khepri has 3 moons, (Luno, Plyon, and Weep), and a Sun.

Plant Life:

  • Gumyagna Trees

Large trees, are the most abundant, make up the rainforest. they bloom with large fruits called Gumyas. Tree houses are built here to house tribe members.

  • Other smaller trees
  • small plants and shrubs
  • Snath: Giant plants, eat any passing meat with large, shark thorns, used to shop up the meat.


  • Prosperitins: Human-like creatures. form tribes and are constantly warring among the rainforest.
  • Fifas: large amphibious creatures, much like frogs, except each is the size of a house.
  • Screechers: small mammals, eat only Gumyagna fruits, are pets for Prosperitins, and also help fight among them.
  • Many many more. Over 10,000,000 different kind of animals.


Although they fight amongst themselves, they are also very warlike outside of Khepri. they use ancient powers of their gods and godesses to fly among the stars. they have taken over two planets before, (Emblemm and Renivatee), and has destroyed a couple of moons. They are not to be tampered with.

The language spoken on Khepri is called Propen.