A Himagoen.

Commonly found in a Swamp biome or sometimes Forest biomes. Himagoen's are related to Giraffes but are very small. They are sometimes mistaken for the common house cat. Not much information is on the Himagoen's, but they are among us. They are deadly as they have fangs that can and will terminate you in a single bite. They can be tamed with Rotten Flesh found by Zombies. Once tamed, they will act like a Wolf, but they can kill the enemy instantly. They are sometimes found in packs of 3-5, when in 5, it is the most deadly. They can also leap about 4-5 blocks, and they have claws which will help them stay a hold of trees. They will most likely hide on the tops of trees during the day, to avoid a predator. But, at night they will hunt all monsters. When they are about to leap, their eyes will turn a neon yellow colour.