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Creator Somarinoa
Homeworld Unspecified
Average Height Unspecified
Diet Omnivore
Sapience Level Sapient

"Henzaps as a whole are almost in a constant state of trouble. Because of this they attempt to stay out of the sight of local law by showing their meaning no harm. However they communicate their true intent to one another through bioluminescence."
— Vacotor Database, Terran translation

Henzaps (pronounced \hɛn.zɑːp\) are a race of sapients who are typically found employed as smugglers between planetary systems. Other occupations they typically hold are almost always equally illegal. Unfortunately for them many local police forces know about their kind and their penchant for breaking laws, and if a Henzap is spotted on a world, chances are they will be arrested even before any evidence is shown. Because of this, Henzap have adapted to often put their hands up as a sign of meaning no ill-will, all the while backing away and cowering, in attempt to garner sympathy or some other feeling that will allow the Henzap an opportunity to get off scot free. However, in all likelihood the Henzap is indeed in the middle of something illegal. While they can certainly communicate vocally, Henzaps utilize natural bioluminescence to communicate to one another, especially when under surveillance by the local fuzz. This allows them to plot their escape should anything go down.

Henzaps are often found in the employment of the Crux Space Pirates and the Iskian Empire, although will work for anyone who will pay their salary.

A group of Henzaps are known as a stash.


  1. SPORE (First appearance)
  2. Amalgam Online
  3. Crux: Scourge II
  4. Immortal Greed
  5. Immortal Greed 2: Unrest
  6. Immortal Greed 3: Chaos
  7. Monster Space
  8. Dangerous Wilds
  9. Grown
  10. Long Story


  • Henzap's name is a play on the phrase "Hands up".