Haermi is the barren, rocky moon of the planet Angion. Its surface appears to be made of limonite clay, which is believed to be sienna or a compound similar to it. Haermi's potential atmosphere has always been stripped away from it by the local star, Tromin, and that part of it that hasn't been stripped away is likely locked within the planet's surface somewhere. No visible water can be found on the surface, although it is entirely possible some exists beneath the crust, though the Zavvaku Empire have not taken the time to actually explore the world.

Angion from Haermi

Angion as seen from the surface of its moon, Haermi.

It has however been considered for eventual colonization, as the Price Gouger took note of numerous yellow spice geysers erupting from the surface, which is a whole grade higher than their own planet's spice type. Despite how easy it would have been to construct a colony on this world, the ZC government at the time instead believed it would be a smarter idea to stake claims on other local planetary systems while the chance existed; Haermi could always be colonized later. Because of this, Antana became the blossoming empire's first colonial world, even though it produced red spice just as Angion itself did.

Its surface gravity is 0.125g - an eighth that of the planet Earth.