Creator Somarinoa
Planet Type Hell World
Mean Radius Unspecified
Polar Radius Unspecified
Water Percentage Unspecified
Sapient Inhabitants Uninhabitable

Gareleuse as seen from orbit.

Gareleuse is the first planet in the Crahel System. Despite the danger of the planet's hot atmosphere and many fiery plumes that seem to erupt completely at random, it was one of the worlds that the Zavvaku Empire considered as a new colony world, due to its production of green spice. However, in 2,558,801,501 a Price Gouger pilot named Yovosha discovered sapient tribal society sprouting up on the nearby planet Scarus. Due to this development, the system was taken off of the Zavvaku Empire's colonial plan least officially.

Gareleuse Surface

Gareleuse's surface.

Crahel from Gareleuse

Crahel as seen from orbit above Gareleuse.