Fornade is both a moon of Yomead and it's own planet!

Fornade is made of a weak ore named Uro, which is 1.4 times weaker than gold. Like Earth, the core is a large mass of inferno, which could be hazerdous if a meteor were to crash into the planet as it might go deep enough to unleash the inferno inside, and that wont be pretty for the neiphoring planets!

Fornade has a atmosphere full of helium, which might explain why the only living things on the planet all large plants shaped like balloons, tied to the ground via long roots. Legend has it if you pick a flower there it'll float you into space! There are no known animals on the planet but if theres plants theres bound to be something! Theres a myth of one animal there called a Daltarri. One other plant that isnt maid of heliem is a Bonsai.