(Cerma IV)
Creator Somarinoa
Stellar Position 4
Moon Count 0
Terrain Hue Brown
Liquid Hue Blue (frozen in ice)
Atmosphere Hue Unspecified
Sapient Inhabitants None
Affiliation(s) Zavvaku Empire

Ekteropen is the fourth planet in the Cerma system. Because of the current Zavvaku strategy of claiming other planetary systems before some other race may do the same thing, as well as the powerful level of spice found thereon, it is currently a planet currently under close consideration for early colonization.






Currently, Ekteropen is an uncolonized world. As such, it lacks any permanent residents. Its relative close distance to the planet Angion means that it falls within Zavvaku jurisdiction, and few other sapient races are ever found here. Even so, on rare occasions space pirates have made pit stops to the world when attempting to lay low in the area. This happens with such uncommonality however that it has not even built up a reputation for this yet.

One of the most famous individuals to enter the orbit of the planet is Admiral Staunli, a Zavvaku starship captain.