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The Eiopai are one of the sapient races which inhabit Matritekka. They are the latest species to have developed on the planet, but they were the first to advance into outer space.

They are the species that is least fit for combat on Matritekka, but their large brain makes up for this disadvantage. Their intelligence rivals that of all the other species on their planet.


Appearance on Matritekka

Year: 6,448 BCE

The Eiopai appeared long after the Matrinns and the Sarpiask Oua. Unlike the former two races, the Eiopai originated aboveground, and descended from a species of reptilian monkey-like creatures called L'alokna. When they first appeared, they preferred to keep to themselves, and as a result they were often bullied and victimized by the Matrinns and Sarpiask Oua.

First CivilizationEdit

Year: 2,671 BCE

The Eiopai's first attempt at an organized civilization was an astounding success. Their high intelligence proved to be the most important factor in their success as a species. At this time, the Eiopai had taken an interest in what was beyond Matritekka, in outer space, so they began to devise ways to leave their homeworld.

First Entry into SpaceEdit

Year: 2,308 BCE

Slightly longer than three centuries after the Eiopai's first attempts at entering space, they finally succeeded. A small vessel containing three Eiopai astronauts ventured a short distance away from Matritekka before returning back to the surface of the world.

Planetwide WarEdit

Year: 994 BCE - 973 BCE

In the midst of the Eiopai's success, the Sarpiask Oua became jealous of their technology and soon began spying and attempting to steal crucial information. This soon led to a war between the Eiopai and the Sarpiask Oua. Mere months into the war, the Matrinns became involved for their own purposes; if they could defeat both national superpowers, then the spacefaring technology would be theirs. The war was a bittersweet victory for the Eiopai - sweet, because they succeeded in saving their civilization, but bitter, because much of their technology was destroyed in the chaos of the war, which impacted their progression into space. It would be another century before they caught back up to where they were before the Planetwide War.

The Sarpiask Oua and the Matrinns would go on to begin development of their own space programs shortly after, and would enter the space ages two centuries later.

Re-entry into SpaceEdit

Year: 864 BCE

The Eiopai re-enter space, and travel farther than ever before and land on one of Matritekka's three moons, Omnopa. Although the moon was barren and had little to offer, it still proved to be a significant mark in the Eiopai's history.

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