Commati Small Image
Creator Somarinoa
Homeworld Unspecified
Average Height Unspecified
Diet Insectivore
Sapience Level Sapient

The Commati were those members of the Isk aboard a specific colony ship during the Gyllean Project, to test the newly-invented Iskian hyperdrives. These colonists landed on a world wrought with steep surfaces. Over the many millennia in which they were stranded on this world with no way to contact their homeworld, they eventually adapted setae-covered hands and feet, which allowed them to climb and crawl on just about any surface.

Eventually, a massive civil war occurred, and almost obliterated the Commati species. Afterwards, the leaders got together at a conference, and it was decided that fighting was not beneficial to their species as a whole -- although it took a few thousand more years for most fighting to die down, the species eventually strayed far from the others by becoming far more peace-loving. However by this time, as with almost all other offshoot species, their ancient ancestry had long been forgotten, and the Commati knew nothing of the Isk at all.

Ironically, this style of life would one day put them in direct conflict with the Isk themselves, with a Commati-led task force fighting to defeat Chamelouge and the Crux.

While their influence in the UFCL is small compared to the Einjel, Norjji, Kyisziqan and Zolacians, their influence is growing quickly along the Tauntars and Terrans.

While they get along with most UFCL races fairly well, they have a very close relationship with the Zolacians.

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