The famous Captian Matino, the famous astronaut!
Accomplishments: Helped set up a colony on the moon, has been on asteroids, one of the youngest people in space.
Famous for: Designing "Zues", the first ship to use lightspeed, and for being the first man to land on an asteroid.
Back story: Captain Alex Matino, age 25, is one of the few astronauts who can say he has done it all. Growing up in the cold, unforgiving part of the world known as Western New York (NOT NEW YORK CITY), he maintaned straight A's through his entire school year. He finished high school, not as the top rated student though. He was beat out by a Evelyn Seratina. She went on to become one of the designers of Zues. After highschool he went onto the Air Force Academy, where he became a Aerospace Engineer.

Captain Matino