Creator Somarinoa
Region of Space Unspecified
Planetary System Borvan System
Number of Known Planets/Moons 1 / 0

Borvan is the local blue giant star of the Borvan system. It is orbited by a single planet—Simuliovar. It is unknown if it once was the home system to a now-vanished sapient species or if it was simply a colony location. It is the system that the Zavvaku Empire first visited in its vain attempt to aid the civilization of a spaceship found crashed on Solleston, one of the planets in their own system.

The Borvan SystemEdit

Borvan System

The Borvan system.

The Borvan System once held either a colony or the homeplanet of an unknown race of sapients who were attacked by the Grox. While they attempted to find help in the matter, the only known vessel of theirs crashlanded in the Tromin System on the planet Solleston, where the inhabitants eventually perished. With no help to aid them, the city on Simuliovar was wiped out, although a trio of guardian drones remained inactive for some time afterwards, until the Zavvaku price gouger accidentally activated them.

After realizing that the colony no longer existed here and noticing that the world possessed no spice geysers, the Zavvaku Empire considered it worthless and no longer returned here.

A single comet was noted by the Zavvaku Empire during their visit, which they named Shlin, after the wife of the then-current ZC head.

Known celestial bodiesEdit

  1. Borvan (star)
  2. Simuliovar (planet)
  3. Shlin (comet)


  • The Borvan system is only 1 parsec away from the Tromin System.