Ayzuuk Mutation Spore

13,000,000 Ayzuuk served as initial greeters to the Chaos Legion forces. Of those, over 7 million were converted into horrendous monstrosities and sickened onto their former brethren. Those brethren still tried to welcome them with open arms.


The Hyper Evolutionary Virus has greatly mutated their body, and while they continue to move through bipedal means, they are now only capable of shuffling forward. The viral effects have also transformed them into strict carnivores as well as vastly ramped up their aggressive tendencies: They are now extremely violent, and they wholly seek the annihilation or absorption of all other living organisms into the Chaos Legions.

Although they officially originate from Oshku, they are not found here as the planet has not been absorbed into the Legions. Instead they can be located primarily upon fel wastelands, aboard Diimonic- or Ayzuuk-origin spacecraft and perhaps obviously, planets under invasion. Due to Diimonic possession and mutation, they are also now capable of living for thousands of years.

Notable Ayzuuk MutationsEdit