"The Ayzuuki are friendly to a fault. When they heard that the Chaos Legions had entered their galaxy, they thought the best course of action was to greet them warmly. They were wrong."
— Vacotor Database, Terran translation

Ayzuuk Spore

Ayzuuki (singular pronounced /ˈeɪˌ.ʒuːk/, plural /ˈeɪˌ.ʒuːk.iː/) are a race of incredibly-friendly sapients who consider themselves friends to all races; strangely this even include the races which have declared war upon them. They originate from the planet Oshku, which in their language translates to "Home Planet of the Happy Smiles". While they can often do quite well in situations involving other benevolent races, malicious races often cut massive swathes through their numbers, massacring their populations in the effected area. Luckily for them, however, they are r-strategists, and thereby breed rapidly and can replace their numbers from a massive tragedy within as little as 50 years or so.

Ayzuuk Mutation Spore

A troupe of Ayzuuk Mutation, member of the Chaos Legions.

A number of them have been spotted amongst the infested victims of the Xrondo as well as amongst the Chaos Legions, both of which should not be considered still Ayzuuks and should be avoided if at all possible or handled with violent prejudice. Xrondo victims are referred to as Infested Ayzuuk while Chaotic spawn are referred to as Ayzuuk Mutations.