Creator Somarinoa
Location Kyklos Galaxy
Tier Level
Kardashev Scale
Technology Varied by species.
Size Fluctuated constantly over the years; 18,000 member species at peak
Estimated Population
Notable For Consisting of dozens of races that have existed for as far back as a billion years.
Governing Body
Capital World
Founding Species Dragoon, Starrider
Governing Body Galactic republic
Main Leaders
Policy To not get involved in the matters of younger races.
Main species (elder races) Centro, Crozo, Dragoon, Einjel, Mnemosyne, Sculptor, Starrider, Voiasenso
Secondary species
(late comers)
Anunnaki, Gohd, Jovian, Mahatma, Martian, Mercurian, Neptunian, Norjji, Permitted, Plutonian, Saturnian, Uranian, Urthican, Venusian, Wygonakan, Yggdrassil
State Disbanded
Enemies Cthalon, Chaos Legions, Meteor Kings, Vggdrassil, Zomm

The Ancients is loose confederation of "dawn" races that have existed for roughly a billion years. While most of these races have went their separate ways, all races follow a series of laws. The most important of these laws that are followed (with the exception of Voiasenso up until recently) follow the Unseen Phalanges Movement, which demands ancient races not interfere with the development of up and coming races.

Note, not all ancient races are members of the Ancients, such as the highly chaotic Cthalon who seek the destruction of all things that lay before them.

Although the number of species enlisted into the galactic affiliation fluctuated seemingly constantly during the length of its existence, at its peak period it held an impressive 18,000 different sapient species as full-fledged members; nearly all of these species are now extinct or have disappeared in similar ways, and the history of their cultures have been forgotten over time, leaving those alive today to only speculate what they may have been like.

Several of these races also have membership in other groups while at the same time being members of Ancients. The Voiasenso for example founded the UFCL, and several other races from the Ancients have joined, such as the Norjji.

Although it is almost entirely unknown to outside sources, the Ancients are not in fact the dawn species — during their time, there was an ancient galactic civilization that had disappeared known as the Forerunners, and before that, there was the Precursors; and even before that, there were two species who were known to have arrived from other dimensions shortly after the big bang, known together as the Dawnstanders. No remnants of any of these even older cultures, with the exception of the two "big bang" races, who are still around, are known to still exist at this time.